Improve your Website Performance with Web Acceleration

In order to keep site performance up while still adding images in the website design, many companies turn to some form of web acceleration. Web acceleration is the entire process of increasing the speed of a website by way of improving the communication between the user and server.

Site Accelerationby Medianova
Aksela – Site Acceleration

In addition to providing web acceleration, content delivery networks now also provide image/CSS hosting. This is an aspect of web acceleration that deals with the loading time of images and CSS files to improve the site’s performance.

By switching to a content delivery network or a cloud computing service, a company can improve their website performance with the help of image/css hosting and web acceleration. There are several benefits of switching to a content delivery network for website performance, such as:

  • Increased speed: There are many servers on the cloud that improve the loading time of links and pictures
  • Improved uptime: Clients get up to 100% of uptime with cloud computing
  • Scalability: The size of the network accomodate even the sharpest increases in traffic

Website performance is now so important that many experts consider it to be a marketing concern. For new clients, a website is something of a first impression, and they will likely judge the company based on their experience. There is only a short amount of time before losing their attention, so access to information and speed are two crucial elements when designing a website.

Medianova is Turkey’s leading service provider and content delivery network, and provides the above services along with live streaming, cloud storage, caching, and Internet TV.

If you’re interested in web acceleration or image/css hosting for your website, contact us.

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