3 Ways You’re Wasting Time by Delaying the Switch to Cloud Encoding

These days, it’s hard to have a conversation about the latest in technology without bringing up the cloud sooner or later. The ability to distribute computing power among a multitude of machines is changing the way we do business online. Simply put, cloud computing helps us waste fewer resources on tasks we don’t need to be doing by ourselves. Video encoding is frequently on this list of tasks; encoding videos in-house wastes time and resources in a number of ways.

Predicting your customers’ video-viewing needs is an essential part of planning the video encoding process. Because of the multitude of different ways in which people view video media today, it is difficult and time-consuming to anticipate how your video should be encoded if it is to accessed properly by all your viewers. By switching to a cloud-based encoding service, you can eliminate this time-wasting process.

In order to make sure your viewers are getting the intended experience from your video media, you will need to have some quality control measures in place. However, undertaking this task in-house is rarely an efficient use of your company’s time and resources. It is far easier and less wasteful to outsource quality control to your cloud-based encoding service.

Many people dream of creating a viral video, but making sure you can keep up with a sudden spike in viewership can be a nightmare. Scaling your video encoding to meet data demands is difficult and inefficient for a company that does not specialize in the field. Outsourcing this task to a cloud-based encoding service can prevent your company from wasting money on scaling your video media.

One of the great things about cloud computing is the ability many companies now have to outsource tasks to a specialist. It can be time-consuming and difficult to do some processes, like video encoding, in-house. Switching to a cloud-based encoding service can save you time and money in several ways.

MediaNova is the premier cloud-based encoding service for Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey; please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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