CDN for Gaming

The gaming world is one of the most in-demand industries. This is because players continually expect fast download speeds to maintain optimal experiences. Considering many games are played in 4K now and have huge file sizes, it can become a frustrating experience with a slow internet speeds.

This is where a content delivery network helps. Companies offering online games on an international scale need to consider using a CDN. This solution is made to avoid lags in speed and performance.

Take a look at how a CDN works, the additional benefits to the gaming industry, and why so many in the field are using CDN’s now.

What is a CDN for Gaming?

Those of you new to content delivery networks should think of them as global connection networks caching content nearest to users. You’re even seeing some CDN’s offer push zones. These allow you to store your entire game on a network’s storage cluster so you don’t have to rely completely on your own server.

Gamers may live in another part of the world where it’s more difficult to get fast internet speeds. CDN’s are becoming more prevalent because of people like these.

Others in the gaming industry are taking notice of how powerful CDN’s are. They realize how well content delivery networks work in gaming to keep a consistency going for players in remote geographic regions.

Thanks to CDN’s being prominently placed around the world, they’re being relied upon more often now for many gaming companies. By providing points of presence around the globe, games become cached so players in outlying areas can still experience fast download times.

The Growing Benefits of CDN’s to the Gaming Industry

Undoubtedly, the main benefit is that the gaming industry won’t lose customers who feel frustrated when they can’t download top games without waiting for hours.

Since the online gaming industry is now a trillion-dollar industry, you can see why losing your customers to slow network speeds isn’t an option.

While the main benefits of faster network speeds are obvious, there are other positive sides available for the industry and gamers. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of CDN’s to the gaming industry:

– Pre-game and post-installation downloads are a way of life now in gaming. Caching through a CDN helps both of these issues. It’s going to keep a consistency for gamers who want to play with others on an equal technological playing field.

– You can prevent any chance of lagging for players. Even a one-second lag in an online gaming experience could ruin everything for a player. Connectivity problems have become a major problem for those in outlying geographic areas.

– Many CDN’s now allow for more scalability. Online games continue to become larger in scope as players demand sophisticated graphics and capabilities. The benefit to using a CDN comes in being able to use one continually, even if your game grows in file size.

Why the Gaming Industry Will Continue to Use CDN’s?

Gaming companies know providing unique experiences through an online network is still fraught with risks. Optimized CDN’s for gaming help prevent any security issues, which is imperative as we move ahead into a new decade.

To continue making profits, the gaming industry will likely keep using CDN’s to prevent having to build servers in other countries. Before CDN awareness, gaming companies had to invest in servers in foreign countries, leading to major capital spend.

Choosing the right CDN for your own gaming company should involve asking yourself where most of your players live. You’ll have to do some other research as well to find the perfect one with scalable capabilities.

Contact us to learn how Europe’s top ranking fast and secure CDN can help you keep your gamers engaged and happy!

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