New Feature: What Does Medianova’s Bad Bot Protection Do?

Bots are everywhere across the internet, performing the repetitive tasks that programmers don’t want to have to do by hand. Unfortunately, there are also a number of bad bots out there that have the potential to create serious problems for your website. Thanks to Medianova’s bad bot protection, however, you’ll quickly discover that you can keep your website running smoothly. This is achieved by blocking illicit users while still providing a smooth, enjoyable experience for all the legitimate users of your site.

So let us take a closer look at how Medianova’s bad bot protection does it now.

Test the Bots

The first step in stopping bad bots is simple: a quick test determines whether they’re displaying suspicious behavior, or doing something that could actually be beneficial for your site. If the bot fails to produce the required results, they’ll be stopped in their tracks! Malware will have a hard time slipping through the cracks, while legitimate website users will find that they don’t have any problems. This simple denial of service to problem bots will help protect your website, ensuring that even a concentrated denial of service attack will have a hard time taking your website down.


Many websites have, in the past, turned to options like CAPTCHA in order to ensure that site users are legitimate. You should know that this method has one clear downside: it slows down legitimate users. In some cases leaving them struggling to get to your site. Many users quickly become frustrated with CAPTCHA requirements, leaving them turning to other sites for their needs whenever possible. Thanks to bad bot protection software, however, you’ll be able to pass on the CAPTCHA and use other methods to determine legitimate users, providing them with a smoother, more enjoyable experience on your website.

Identify Problem Activity

While blocking bots at the source is great, you also want the ability to analyze website traffic and ensure that you aren’t missing something important a concentrated attack against your website that’s getting worse as the bots are turned back, for example. By generating regular reports, you can help identify problem activity, check the IP addresses of your most common attacks, and build your understanding of what’s going on with your website, all from one intuitive interface. Thanks to Medianova’s bad bot protection, you’ll be able to add those resources to your existing dashboard, ensuring that you can keep track of all of your problem traffic in one place. This will also allow you to block individual IP addresses and take other steps to help protect your website.

Streamline Legitimate Traffic

You don’t just want to block bad bots. You also want to be sure that legitimate site activity, from real users to legitimate bot traffic, is able to proceed smoothly: no slow load times even in the middle of a concentrated attack, and certainly no “this page is not available at this time” messages that will frustrate your users and send them to other websites. Bad bot protection doesn’t just offer a defense against potential future problems. It also helps protect legitimate site traffic, keeping your servers from being overwhelmed and offering your real users an overall better site experience. Since there’s no bad traffic bogging down the servers, your users will be able to quickly reach the site and take care of their regular tasks: a win for everyone involved.

If you’re tired of bad bot traffic, from bots that are determined to steal your information to bots that are out to bring down your site, it’s time to act. Medianova’s new feature bad bot protection will help protect your website, ensuring that you’re able to provide a better experience to all of your customers and protecting you from the damage those bots can do.

In order to protect against threats while keeping up the performance of your site with Medianova fast and secure CDN, start your 15-day free trial now. 

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