What is a Content Delivery Network?

The old way to sell a product is to hang the “OPEN” sign in the window, unlock the front door, and wait for business to walk in. That doesn’t work anymore. Every business needs a web presence; a website, and acontent delivery network, for selling on-line and for getting the customers to walk in that door.

Well, what the heck is a Content Delivery Network anyway, and what will it do for me?

Remember the old door-to-door sales person? You gave them a territory, and he or she used up their shoe leather covering it. CDNs are your modern  door knockers, using the internet to present your product to customers all over the world-wide web. Technically CDNs are a large distribution system of computer servers in multiple data centers, all connected together. One CDN will send your product information to thousands of virtual door ways in moments, saving you time and distribution costs, and bring you back sales quicker than any worn out door-to-door sales person could have.

CDNs are walking up  to the virtual  doors of countless homes and business offices, using multiple backbones and bridges to get your message out; including streaming, blogs, emails, social media, and the Cloud. Imagine releasing tens of thousands of sales people, with your product samples in their briefcases, on to the streets of the world all at once. This is the power of a CDN.

Another great advantage of working in a CDN is how specific and focused you can make your message. Pick out a market niche, write content to grab their attention,  and  send it to the servers that will use the right key words to find your buyers. Content can be sales pitches, informational blogs, tweets, or personal invitations. A CDN is simple, relatively inexpensive, and very effective.

The bottom line is that business that send their message via the internet by way of  CDNs will make more sales, simply because they will be reaching more people, in more efficient, and better focused efforts.

Please contact us for more information.

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