The Advantages Of Encoding Your Data

Encoding your data is a solution you should consider if you work with sensitive data or are looking for a way to organize your data in an archive. Most encoding methods rely on algorithms to compress the data and reduce its complexity. The same algorithm used to encode the data is needed to access the data in a readable format.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing to encode for your data:

  • Encoding keeps your data safe since the files are not readable unless you have access to the algorithms that were used to encode it. This is a good way to protect your data from theft since any stolen files would not be usable.
  • Encoding is an ideal solution if you need to have third parties access your archives but do not want to have everyone be able to access some sensitive files.
  • Since encoding removes redundancies from data, the size of your files will be a lot smaller. This results in faster input speed when data is saved.
  • Since encoded data is smaller in size, you should be able to save space on your storage devices. This is ideal if you have large amounts of data that need to be archived.
  • Encoded data is easy to organize, even if the original data was mostly unstructured. This could be the easiest way to archive and organize your data in an automated manner.
  • There are automation tools you can use to encode and archive your files as they are created. This is a solution you should explore if you need to have back-ups of your files.

It is important to choose the right encoding solution for your data. Medianova can provide you with a comprehensive encoding platform that can be combined with your existing SaaS or Private Cloud platform. Contact us to learn more about this solution and to find out how it could help your organization.

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