Video for Enterprise

There are many ways Enterprise video is useful and important, especially because the wide-ranging power of the internet makes broad distribution of video possible with little expense.
  • Video is at the core of inbound marketing.
  • Video is a powerful medium for training staff over long distances.
  • Video communication makes international enterprise possible.

Inbound marketing is fast replacing older advertising and outbound marketing as models of choice for new enterprise. In essence, inbound marketing presents value-added content to attract the public and includes a call to action to develop contact to potential customers. On-line videos are the perfect inbound marketing venue. The steps to produce effective inbound marketing videos are very simple.

  • Create a light-hearted video that includes suggestions to solve problems a target audience may have.
  • Make the video informative, specific, useful and reflective of what the expertise your business can offer.
  • Make sure the name of your business is clear in the video but not central to the video content.
  • End the video with a call to action, supplying a contact point for anyone to contact you with questions.
  • Ready platforms like You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter are available to accept video uploads.
  • Include a means for people to subscribe to a regular series of videos or a channel to which people can subscribe to maintain contact.

Studies show that video programming is superior to text instruction in training staff, especially in staff spread out geographically. Video training focusses the attention of staff on the task. Visual demonstrations are clearer than verbal description. Since the video presents the same lesson to every viewer, your training will be uniform for everyone. Of course, one-on-one instruction can supplement video training.

  • Break the training into small steps.
  • Create short videos with specific training content.
  • Present these short videos in a graduated series.
  • The videos should be business-like but friendly and should introduce the staff to key management.

Two-way group video conferencing is now possible at low cost using internet platforms like Skype Business. Businesses find that regular video conferencing can be a very important cost saving over travel in most cases.

Medianova is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can help your enterprise extend its reach especially into Turkey, the Near East and Africa. Please contact us for more information.

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