The State Of Video Streaming Market And Piracy In 2019

Video Piracy has always been a challenge for OTT companies, and the problem is only getting worse today. The current Video streaming market saturation is resulting in Content Fragmentation. Thus, every company is trying to own some exclusive, original and highly requested movies, shows and series. For viewers, this means that: In order to watch The Office, Friends, and The Crown, one subscription could, within a year, potentially become three or more.

Now, in order for you to assimilate this topic and to sense the extent at which it is challenging, we have gathered in-an infographic-some key statistics, facts, and tips about the state of the Video Streaming Market and Piracy in 2019. Also, if you are facing troubles to keep your content secure and out of pirates’ reach, we, as CDN providers, offer you a set of services to help you do so.

Click the button to check out our FREE Infographic about”The State Of Video Streaming Market and Piracy In 2019“, and reach out to our support team if you need any help.

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