The Rapidly Changing Online Landscape of Turkey

The internet landscape of Turkey is changing faster than perhaps that of any country. It has reached a point in which roughly 60% of the population has internet access. This is a larger percentage than other growing economies such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil. Though many of these countries have larger populations, Turkey still has more engagement. In fact though the United States has the second most internet users behind China, and the U.S. penetration rate is 74% overall, Turkey still edges it out just slightly in terms of the average hours of engagement per visitor per month. It engagement rate is higher than that of other extremely connected countries such as the U.K. and France.

Between 2009 and 2010, the total unique visitors from Turkey grew by 15%, while the average daily visitors grew by 24%. What is also a very good sign for growth is that the younger, generally male demographic (ages 15-35) has been the primary adopter, meaning that internet penetration has room to grow. Also, Turkey holds the highest penetration in 6 out of 8 key categories: Search, conventional media, multimedia, news, games, and sports. Quite notably, Turkey’s penetration percentage for multimedia was 79%, a full 3 percentage points ahead of the U.K.

On the topic of online video, Turkey is sixth overall in the world, but ahead of Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and South Korea. The difference in average videos viewed by user per month between Turkey and the U.S., which holds the top spot, is only approximately 70 videos.

With this incredible demand for online interaction and media, Medianova, the trusted content delivery network of Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, is at the forefront of change

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