The 3 Different Types of Content Management

At Medianova, content management is not a strict plan that clients must conform to, but rather a flexible coordination in which we help clients in a way that’s best for them. We understand that content aggregation and management is seen differently by many clients, and therefore we have three different types of content management that can help your business.

The first type of content management we offer deals with content acquisition. We work with several media companies not only in Turkey, but also in the international market. Therefore, we have the means, resources, and knowledge to provide thorough consulting about various aspects of the content acquisition process, such as pricing and the different business models.

The second type of content management offered handles with post-production services of content aggregation. We have several third party partners that we work in coordination with, and we help work with you and your production team on the content aggregation step in your project. We work together ensure that clients are satisfied with the desired outcome at the end.

The third and last type of content management we offer is professional TV services for your business. We setup both professional WebTV and Mobile TV Studios at your location to provide convenience for you, and we have the resources and technology to provide optimal content production. It’s crucial that this type of content management is flexible so that it can be tailored to fit your business. Many companies use this type of content management to establish their brand reputation and extend their market reach, and we’re there to help you through this process.

This is just the surface of our content management capabilities. At the core of our process is a dedication to clients, and a level of cooperation that is needed to produce the desired outcome. If you would like a presentation of our content management services, contact us.

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