Medianova’s new PoP has been activated in Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

Medianova’s launched a new PoP  Saudi Arabia and Here is What You Need To Know

Already present in [cgv countries] countries, Medianova now puts its footprint in Saudi Arabia with its new PoP (Point Of Presence) in Riyadh. 

According to Statista,  in 2025, the number of internet users in Saudi Arabia is forecasted to reach 36.2 million users, up from around 28.8 million users in 2019. The number of mobile internet users in Saudi Arabia is forecasted to reach 36.17 million users in 2025. With these increasing numbers, Medianova is going to be at the heart of internet traffic in this country. 

Our PoP is going to be connected to SAIX (Saudi Arabia Internet Exchange), so that, together, we can positively impact the traffic performance in Saudi Arabia by reducing latency and improving localization of both content and traffic. 

At this point, we are extremely happy to be able to power Saudi companies with our services and are looking forward to many new PoPs in the region.

Below is the performance of the new PoP of Medianova in Riyadh: 

pop cdn performance

So How will Saudi and international companies benefit from Medianova CDN?

No business ever is willing to lose customers because of a slow website, and the Saudi market is no exception.

Thus, for Saudi companies to be able to serve both local and global audiences, and for international businesses to be able to reach Saudi consumers from other parts of the globe, it is mandatory to deliver content flawlessly to the end-user, and CDN grants this wish.

At Medianova we understand this need and we make it our main mission.

Now that Medianova has launched a new pop in Riyadh, companies from Saudi Arabia will start benefiting from:

A better live streaming experience

Many businesses in Saudi Arabia want to showcase special events for marketing purposes. It is now a lot easier to organize webinars and live video chats with Medianova’s Webcast Platform.

Dedicated Support

Medianova offers less than 3 minutes’ first response time to support tickets. This is not a marketing phrase, but an actual figure that is measured constantly. Our team is dedicated to your success and our SLA’s are based on these metrics.

Reduced Costs

Saudi businesses can use small commitments to eliminate paying for services they will not use. This is the next generation business approach which is much different than incumbent CDNs. On top, we are proud of our pricing for add-ons and most of them are free based on CDN traffic.

With the target of being a strong player in the region, Medianova will help Saudi businesses improve their budgets and maintain their cash flow, just like it does in many other countries.

Better Statistics and Reports

Real-time statistics are becoming much more in-demand, and this new POP is going to bring those elements to Saudi Arabia. It can help businesses determine how exactly the users in other countries react to the content delivered. Companies can make a more agile content marketing plan this way to give international customers exactly what they really want.

Contact us at Medianova to learn more about New PoP in Riyadh and how you can use our CDN in other countries and places.

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