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Medianova Webcast is a conference and seminar service offering interactive participation over the internet through live broadcast, presentation, question-answer, and chat modules. Your participants can log in to Medianova Webcast page designed for use by any industry through mobile or desktop platforms, without the need for any application. Therefore, you can take your webcast sessions to a larger audience thanks to Medianova’s powerful video streaming infrastructure.

Benefits to Your Business

  • It enables you to create a corporate memory by recording participant information.

  • It reduces event and operation costs.

  • It enhances your company’s investor relations and innovative image.

  • It contributes to the return of your investments at the maximum level.


Maximum Interaction

Online chat enables you to establish maximum communication with your participants through the Q&A (question&answer) modules.

Accessible from All Platforms

Your presentations can be viewed via all computers and mobile devices. No additional installations is required.

Analytics & Recording

The rating of the content can be obtained based on people, devices, and locations. A session can be recorded with all the details.

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