Medianova is the best CDN in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa

One of the most important things about a CDN is its geographic location. The geographic location of a CDN effects how quickly and effectively your website’s content reaches a potential consumer.

If your users based in Turkey, the Middle East, or Africa and you are trying to promote your business via the digital world, you are very lucky. Because you have Medianova as an option for your CDN.

Medianova is the best CDN to have nearby, because they offer much more than just content delivery.


Medianova has a program in place that will encode sensitive data for your company to make sure that it fits to all devices. This encoding process will also compress your data, meaning that you don’t have to take up as much space on the cloud and your CDN costs are much lower.

Cloud storage and Hosting

Medianova will take care of all of the storage needed for your information to be safely protected. if you need, we can even provide hosting for you, so that you don’t need to invest in a physical server.

Internet streaming

Medianova has options in terms of hosting video-streaming and live streams on your website.

With the wide array of options that Medianova presents in conjunction with its geographic location, it is clear that Medianova is the only CDN you should work with if you are based in Africa, Turkey, or the Middle East.

If you are looking for a CDN that will fit your businesses individual needs in a variety of ways contact us.

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