Medianova Includes Let’s Encrypt Integration to Aksela accounts

What is it?

 The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is a crucial step to a more secure web and it is now integrated into Medianova’s panel, Aksela (only for Aksela accounts). 

Basically, Let’s Encrypt SSL is a global Certificate Authority that allows a free of charge use of SSL certificate and secure HTTPS connections. The certificate is trusted by browsers and does not require any human intervention.

The configuration process of– for example- with a Certificate Management Agent that supports Let’s Encrypt can be broken down into two steps:

  1. The agent proves to the Certificate Agent that the web server controls a domain.
  2. The agent can request, renew, and revoke certificates for that domain.

How to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL with Aksela?

Activating your SSL with Let’s Encrypt is an easy process. 

After you log in to Aksela, go to ‘Dashboard’, click on ‘Zones’, then ‘Zone Setting’ 

You will get a notification by mail after you activate it

Let’s Encrypt Integration

Benefits of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rankings
  • Improved visitor trust and trust due to the encrypted connection between the user and server  
  • No more “Unsafe!” warning
  • HTTP/2 compatibility

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