Hybrid CDN: A combination of Private and Multi-CDN!

Hybrid CDN is a CDN Service that offers Multi-CDNs together with Private CDN service for the specific purposes of your company. With this service, you get both your own Private CDN network and a high-performance CDN service at the same time. Hybrid takes its name from these parallel services.

First of all, we will consider the CDN, Multi-CDN, Private CDN concepts that make up the Hybrid CDN structure.

What is CDN?

CDN is a cloud computing service that enables websites and OTT content to be transmitted from the nearest points through its geographically distributed architecture. This service minimizes the response times to requests from internet platforms that serve many different purposes such as e-commerce, games, and video.

Today, CDNs respond to the burden of the majority of internet traffic worldwide. CDNs offer a large number of websites and platforms that can reduce downtime and increase user performance.

In recent years, the Internet has become so global that the above-mentioned platforms have 24/7 content requests worldwide. This makes it difficult for geographically distributed CDNs to respond to each point with the same performance. For example; An American-based platform cannot keep the quality of responding to contents with a traditional CDN fast in America but slow in Europe.

Different services such as Multi-CDN, Private CDN or Hybrid CDN have emerged considering the inadequacy of traditional CDN technologies.

Multi CDN

A stronger CDN service can be provided by combining traditional CDNs. 2 or more CDNs connected by common software can respond to end-user requests by considering load and zone states.

multi cdn medianova

A CDN may be sufficient if the website users request content from a single geographic area. For a website with end user requests spread across the continent or around the world, a single CDN may not be able to respond with the same performance for each region. For this reason, a strong global structure is created by using strong CDNs. Like 3rd party software such as Cedexis, real-time measurements of CDNs determine which CDNs are more useful in the region.

user request vs response time DNS

The multi-CDN structure can provide a powerful CDN service by dividing the workload with a reliable measurement system.

Private CDN

Some platforms may want to set up a CDN network on their servers. Or they can request a dedicated network for which control is in their hands. Private CDN concept emerged in response to these demands.

With Private CDN;

  • You will have a high-security infrastructure with dedicated servers.
  • Your CDN network can be assigned to the server from any point on the world.
  • Because you are not using a Public server, you will have a high-performance service.
  • You will only have dedicated network traffic on the servers.

Hybrid CDN

In order to better understand the concept of Hybrid CDN, we first mentioned the concepts of Multi CDN and Private CDN. Hybrid CDN offers a CDN network with two options for the customer. A CDN or Multi-CDN service with a Private CDN service installed with dedicated servers.

Hybrid cdn medianova

Advantages of Hybrid CDN:

  • It serves over a private network for a specific purpose.
  • An on-prem CDN network can be established via the customer’s own servers.
  • Requests from geographically distributed regions are served with a second service that will be answered by one or more CDN services.

Hybrid is the latest technology of CDN. With Hybrid CDN, you get an ultra-high-performance, secure service that allows you to cache all of the content around the world.

Would you like to have a dedicated network of servers? With this system, your static content is served quickly, your videos are watched with high performance and the latency is minimized. To install a powerful Hybrid CDN network by adding a distributed CDN service around the world, as well as a dedicated Private CDN, all you need to do is contact us.

Hybrid CDN

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