How to Use Webinars to Boost Business Growth

How to Use Webinars for Business Growth 

Webinars are seminars organized over the internet and have the potential to reach a wide audience. Of course, the history of the creation and spread of the webinar concept does not go back a very long time. 

Developments in video-sharing and live streaming opportunities played an important role in the formation of the webinar concept. Then, the great potential that webinars could reach in marketing and growth was realized. According to the data shared by Hubspot, it is estimated that the global webinar market will reach 800 million by 2023, increasing by 253 million compared to 2015. There is even a sub-branch of marketing called webinar marketing. 

So how do webinars contribute to the growth of companies and effective marketing of a product or service?

There are many ways companies can introduce themselves to an audience. However, few of these methods can strengthen the bond between the audience and the brand like webinars. For this reason, webinars allow your brand to grow within the framework of leadership characteristics. 

As webinars contribute to potential customers as well as the company, they trigger a sense of mutual trust, and relationships born of trust are not shaken easily. Thanks to this special characteristic of webinars, companies that apply the right webinar marketing strategy correctly provide significant growth.

In this article, we will talk about how webinars affect your business growth and how you can improve your webinars to increase growth.

What Makes Webinars Special for Growth?

There are many factors that cause the use of webinars as a marketing tool to make a radical contribution to the growth process. Companies evaluate these factors and adjust the structure and promotion process of their webinars in line with their purpose. Some of the areas where webinars can contribute to growth include:

Increasing Brand Awareness and Lead Generation 

Ironically, positioning webinars as a brand promotion tool does not increase your brand awareness. However, if you choose the content you will present in your webinars in a way that will analyze the sectoral challenges or pain points of your target audience, you can position yourself as a leader or prestigious authority in the sector. 

If you succeed in this, you will both announce your brand to a large audience without promoting your brand, and you can get a deep lead pool. Of course, the more leads you can get from a large audience, the faster your growth will be.

Engaging the Audience 

Most of the time, your communication with your audience takes place within artificial boundaries. However, a webinar provides an active space where your audience can benefit from all live communication opportunities, find instant answers to their questions, and participate in interactive activities. Of course, this makes communication much more organic. 

When this audience turns into potential customers, they usually prefer a company that actively communicates with them and supports them in overcoming their challenges as their first choice. When you set up the content of webinars correctly, you can buy a huge amount of customer engagement for a relatively small price. This contributes significantly to your growth.


Increasing Sales and Revenue

If your product offers a solution to overcome a challenge, and the webinar is on that challenge, you can design the content of the webinar to take the audience to your product. In this way, the user feels that no third party is involved in the process of persuading them to buy the product. 

The customer will have much less doubt if the purchase is made solely on their own metrics and decision-making. When webinars are designed to sell without a sales intent, they allow you to sell more with far fewer resources, increase your revenues, and ultimately lead you to grow.

Improving Retention Rates

Organic and solid relationships ensure that the bond between the customer and company continues for many years. If your company supports its customers in solving additional challenges or enriches their mindset with information enabling them to make a difference in the industry, your connection will evolve into a partnership rather than a customer relationship. 

Companies can create this relationship by hosting webinars. Thus, while gaining new customers, they can continue to keep their old customers as companions. Valuable and loyal customers often grow a company far more than just gaining a new audience.

Providing Market Research and Broad Audience Analysis Opportunities

Webinars allow you to overcome many obstacles brought by physical conditions because you can have webinar attendees from all over the world. Behavioral and demographic analyses of these guests may allow you to identify potential markets. 

If a topic attracts a large number of guests from a particular country to the webinar, and your product offers solutions in this regard, you can develop sales and marketing strategies for that country. In this way, you can conduct market research, which would normally require you to spend a significant amount, without touching your budget. You can accelerate your growth by being active in the markets you have identified.

How Can You Improve Your Webinars in Line With the Goal of Growing? 

Webinars are events with high potential for marketing that can support business growth in the ways we’ve mentioned above. However, the structure and content of webinars need to be properly organized to ensure growth. You can use these tips to create a webinar that paves the way for growth:

Promote Your Webinar 

The larger the audience you can attract, the better since there is no guest limit for webinars as with physical events. You can strengthen promotion by creating email marketing strategies and using all social media channels effectively. You can offer privileges to those who invite other guests and offer advantages to those who register early.

Organize Few But Solid Webinars 

Organizing dozens of webinars in a short time with poor quality content can negatively contribute to your credibility. Make sure you organize webinars on the right topics at reasonable intervals. By hosting a webinar that is reliable and impactful instead of dozens of poor-quality webinars, you can collect the best quality leads and improve your reputation.

Make Your Content Attractive 

People in front of the screen have a very short attention span. Therefore, be sure to create content with plenty of visuals and try to use content in the most compact way possible. You can offer additional content, such as surveys and Q&As, that will engage guests. If your goal is sales and growth, determine your target audience with precision and prepare content for the challenges they can solve with your product.

Improve Your Technological Infrastructure 

A smooth-running webinar is very important for guest engagement and trust factors, so you should use reliable webinar platforms. A live broadcast that constantly freezes, runs slowly, is of poor quality, insecure, and offers little interaction, may cause you to fail to achieve any of your goals.

Working With a Strong Content Delivery Network Partner for Webinars

Webinars are events that provide growth by strengthening brand reputation and increasing customer acquisition and retention at a very low cost. However, to achieve these goals, your webinars need to be built on a very flexible and robust infrastructure.

If you want a seamless, flexible, interactive, and innovative broadcast platform to create flawless live webinars while reducing operational costs, Medianova Webcast is the ideal solution. 

Medianova’s robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure and Webcast experience ensures that high-quality live broadcasts are securely delivered to unlimited guests from around the world, no matter what device they use.

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