Enhance Live Streaming with 10 Tips

Live Streaming

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for the most efficient way to increase your interactions: Live Streaming. Since its beginning, live streaming has grown rapidly, and so many industries have developed new tools and strategies. Twitch, one of the most popular live streaming platforms, has over 2.8 million instant viewers, this situation Twitch, one of the most popular live streaming platforms, has over 2.8 million instant viewers, this situation shows why you should start enhancing live streaming right now after reading this post.

In today’s age of live streaming, creating these videos is as easy as accessing them.

Before we begin, we’d want to remind you that live streaming represents your company, and terrible streaming cannot be undone.

Actually, we know you’re here to explore how to create professional live streaming, but for first-time readers, let’s take a quick look at what live streaming is.

The process of delivering data in the form of high-quality video, music, and other media from producers to viewers in real-time through the internet is known as live streaming. Users may watch in real-time by using live streaming.

Live streaming is essentially creating, sharing, and viewing online videos in real time. It provides not only public content but also real-time content accessible to specific users. Conferencing systems such as Zoom or Teams can be given as examples for private content.

The most efficient approach to interact with your audience and promote your business is through live streaming. It would be an understatement to say that live streaming has witnessed a tremendous increase in popularity in recent years.  Let’s look at the growth and future of live streaming statistically to have a better grasp of this.

  • By 2027, the live streaming market is expected to be worth $247 billion.
  • More than three-quarters of Internet users watch online video content every week.
  • Video content marketing grows revenue 49% faster than any other type of content.
  • More than 35% of marketers use live streaming as part of their social media strategy.
  • Live streaming grab viewers’ attention 10-20 times longer than pre-recorded content.
  • More than 80% of people most likely prefer live streaming than reading.

(Source: Hubspot)


We have seen that live streaming is actually more important than we thought. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to do the right live streaming. We have compiled the tricks you need to know to do this in the most accurate way while reaching the masses for you.

There are many valid reasons for choosing live streaming. However, one of the most crucial reasons for this is that a great viewer experience will enhance your conversion rates. You can reflect this with the best professional live streaming. Because the quality of live streaming has a direct impact on the viewing experience. 

The budget that is spent on quality professional live streaming will turn into profit with the conversions obtained as a result of the amazing viewer’s experience. In short, it really makes sense to create quality live streaming.

10 Tips to Enhance Live Streaming

Making high-quality live streaming means doing it professionally. There are many measures that enhance your live streaming. Taking these precautions ensures that the video quality is optimal and offers the viewers an optimal experience.

Below we listed the most important tips to enhance live streaming.

1) Live Streaming Equipments

Professional quality live streaming equipment is a necessity to produce high-quality streams. You should invest in professional live streaming equipment or get support from companies providing this service to provide a top-notch viewer’s experience.

2) Checking Internet

The most important step is to have a fast and strong internet connection. High-quality live streaming requires a very strong internet connection and a lot of bandwidth. If using Wi-Fi won’t be enough, instead, connect an ethernet cable to your computer and disconnect all other devices from Wi-Fi. In addition, unused applications and browsers should be closed so that they do not consume too much system resources and internet bandwidth.

3) Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Multi-bitrate streaming is the process of sending multiple different quality live streaming at the same time. This means they detect the tracker’s internet speed automatically and adjust accordingly. When multiple bitrates are used for live streaming, your live streaming is appropriately delivered to the audience at various quality levels. 

4) Optimize Live Encoder Settings

To make the stream compatible with the viewers’ devices, almost all live streams use a video and audio encoder. You should make sure that you use the correct settings for this, as it determines the quality of the video and audio delivered to your target audience. The major reason for this is to ensure that your live streaming uses the best settings for the video player on your website.

5) Using a Professional Online Video Platform 

We have mentioned many tips so far, but it can be difficult to implement them all on your own. In addition, the platforms you will live stream on may not have access to all these settings. Therefore, it is necessary to use a professional video platform with all these possibilities.

6) Optimal Resolution

To ensure a clear image with no latency, select the most appropriate resolution. While this is about encoder settings, video resolution and aspect ratios are crucial.

7) Frames Per Second

Frames are the individual pictures in a video file. This determines how many frames or images are sent each second. You can change your FPS rate to enhance live streaming quality. 

8) Scalable Streaming Server

Increasing the number of viewers is great. However, this may cause the stream to crash and have loading problems. With a scalable platform, you can easily accommodate growth and quick increases in user and viewer counts.

9) Test Everything

One of the most important steps for a quality broadcast and the sustainability of quality publications is to test everything. Streaming video has many moving parts, so testing is necessary before starting your stream.

10) CDN 

A CDN is all you need to get most of these steps done at once. (It is true that the rapid development of live streaming was thanks to CDNs.)

You cannot rely on one server to provide low-latency live streaming.

CDN allows online video streaming to be transmitted to users around the world in low latency and real-time. CDN uses a network of geographically distributed servers, which helps eliminate the traffic congestion that can occur when media files are delivered over live streaming. Because CDN works by caching the file in multiple Points of Presence (PoP) instead of storing it on a single central server. Thus, the content is delivered from the cache closest to the user.

Servers are strategically located. This delivers the contents with the least possible delay. Plus, CDN is protective against cyber attacks and prevents crashes.

Why CDN is Critical for Live Streaming

If you have an audience of geographically dispersed viewers (which is very likely in the video world), the round-trip time for the server to deliver the content is long. This results in a bad viewer experience and an inconsistent experience among viewers.

You can use a CDN to transmit content quickly, smoothly, and securely through the CDN server closest to the end-user. This means an excellent viewer experience.

Benefits of CDN for Live Streaming

  • Sufficient Bandwidth
  • Reducing Delay and Round Trip Time (RTT)
  • Extending your Reach around the World
  • Reducing Workload on Origin Servers

The Solution to Enhance Live Streaming

It is undeniable that live streaming reigns supreme when it comes to spreading content and reaching audiences. The benefits it provides are countless, but if done right. If you have a global and reliable CDN, you can compete with your live streaming.

Empower with Medianova CDN

With its footprint in 21 countries and 100% SSD-powered anycast network, Medianova is one of the fastest HTTPS secure CDNs in Europe and the Middle East based on Cedexis.

Contact us for the maximum benefit you can get from live streaming. 

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