How Enterprise Video Changes Communication Within Businesses

Video has changed the way companies communicate both internally and externally. Whether hosting a business meeting or speaking to prospective clients, you can use a video communications solution.

A recent Business Solutions article describes the role of video in the business world today. According to the article, video improves communication within a company and can help increase productivity.

“Video technology has introduced a way for companies to provide better online customer service, improve online sales, and even improve customer loyalty.”

Enterprise Video Platform by Medianova
Enterprise Video Platform by Medianova

With recorded videos, businesses can upload them to their website and use them for employee training. In this sense, a video communications solution can also result in cost-savings. The cost of a video training solution doesn’t compare to the travel expenses of several employees.

At Medianova, we offer an enterprise video platform designed to help businesses communicate over the Internet. We understand the geographical challenges that businesses face and offer a service that reduces the need for travel.

In addition, there are certain benefits to using an enterprise video solution supported by a content delivery network. Our servers are able to withstand the bandwidth that comes with hosting videos. Whether it’s an HD video or live content, our servers will support your media. In turn, this frees up your company’s servers.

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