How Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Can Help Media?

With the emerge of digital revolution, newspapers had to go through a transition to establish an online presence. A big portion of their audience shifted from buying paper-formed to the current online form and this transition allows them to reach a bigger audience, even out of their national borders.

Looking back to the first generations of digital newspapers websites, one of the major differences they have with today’s fully online versions is the size of their website and amount of pictures they comprise.

At first glance, total size of the newspaper pages have raised from 2.4 MB in 2012 to 5.1 MB in 2017, an increase more than 50%. From the charts below we can see that the amount of images have increased from 1.59 MB to 3.91 MB which equals to 150% increase in the total.


A Study done by Pew Research Center shows a 7% decrease in getting news from print media between years 2013 and 2016, i.e from 27% to 20%. Also with the digital transition, mobile news consumption is rising rapidly. The portion of Americans who ever get news on a mobile device has gone up from 54% in 2013 to 72% today.


Looking at all the numbers above, and considering the digital realm, its necessary for online news outlets to take required precautions to deliver their contents to their audience faster.

Why Do Media Need A CDN and How Can It Help Them?

The ability to put your news out in front of as many people as possible in a matter of seconds should be a priority for any news outlet looking to grow and keep up with trend of the market. CDNs will help you to achieve this goal, providing you some additional benefits that will improve your performance and consequently your business.

CDN’s focus is the Technology.

In the new economy, every company needs to focus to the core and make sure they deliver results. CDNs only focus is the technology and how to deliver faster content to the end users. With CDN, we are talking about edge caching, image optimization, SEO optimization and such.

CDN Provides Faster Performance and Lowers Latency for You.

The very first reason to use a CDN is to increase the speed of your website and drop the latency. If your servers are located in Germany but your visitors are coming from Romania or any other European countries, having your static content cached somewhere closer to them will help decrease the latency greatly. Such fast performance and 100% uptime of your site will guarantee user satisfaction and it will make it more likely for your visitors to come back for other visits. A recent study by Amazon shows only 100ms delay will cause you to lose 1% of your sale.cdn_medianova

CDN Will Impact Your SEO and Improve Your Search Ranking.

CDNs will improve the speed of which the content is delivered to the clients and it’s no secret that Google considers page speed very seriously when ranking contents on the search results or briefly search ranking. Though it’s not all which can be done to improve SEO but think of CDNs as an easy way to improve your site’s ranking. Based on a 2016 research done by Edelman Trust Barometer published by Search Engine Journal 60% of people trust Google for news than actual news sources, and it highlights that search engines are accepted to be most trusted form of media. Knowing this, using a CDN to improve your SEO becomes more inevitable.

 It Will Increase Your Site’s Availability, Yes to 100%.

Every news website experiences a high-stress situation which can be caused by excessive user traffic and similar situations. Without a CDN all your traffic will be absorbed by your origin infrastructure. Even the most powerful origin servers may fail when they receive millions of requests per second. Here’s where CDN shows off its potential power. Because of highly distributed and redundant architecture of CDN, it will cache your static content on different locations therefore even if your origin or any of the cache servers fail, the requests will be redirected, keeping your content available.

 Using a CDN Will Lower Your Cost.

Implementing a CDN for your news website will noticeably save money for your company. The implemented CDN will overtake your server load and decrease your server load and will decrease your delivery cost since CDNs are significantly cheaper than web hosting.

Using a CDN is probably one of the most efficient methods that can be used to improve your performance which will bring you Customer Satisfaction as well as raising your revenue. Implementing Medianova CDN for your website is quite straightforward and doesn’t need much effort on implementation phase.

Check out for more details on Medianova’s activities and details on our performance on this blog post. Or Contact us at Medianova to learn more about our services and arrange a meeting.

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