Medianova launched a new POP in Romania

As Medianova we are among the fastest CDNs in the EMEA region and we consistently hear the countries where a strong CDN is not available complain about how slow their web performance is.

Although internet is quite fast in Romania, the ability to deliver content effectively is not always possible without a content delivery network. That’s why our team at Medianova launched New POP in Romania, which stands for “New Point of Presence.” Now we are the fastest SecureCDN in Romania.

How a CDN POP helps e-commerce?
Online stores in Romania need faster web speeds in order to accommodate customers around the world. Romania can now enjoy 100% uptime, image optimization, services like HTTP/2 and dynamic site acceleration with web performance for e-commerce thanks to Medianova CDN.

Is Medianova CDN really Fast in Romania?
We are using Cedexis ( to monitor our performance based on Real User Analytics. As you can see from the chart below, Medianova is the fastest with Akamai with 18ms response time from Romania. You can always check these results on Cedexis Web site, Country Report.


With so many people using mobile to shop worldwide, the last thing any Romanian business wants is frustrating their customers. Online businesses in Romania will not have to worry about slow processing while their customers shop online.

New POP speeds things up through compression for faster loading of static content.

Internet Live Streams are now much better
Many businesses in Romania want to showcase special events for marketing purposes. It is now a lot easier to organize webinars and live video chats with Medianova’s Webcast Platform.


Thanks to the new POP in Romania, marketers will not worry about a live video constantly buffering or freezing.

Fanatical Support
Medianova offers less than 3 minutes first response time to support tickets. This is not a marketing phrase, but an actual figure that is measured constantly. Our team is dedicated to your success and our SLA’s are based on these metrics.

Reduced Costs
Romanian businesses can use small commitments to eliminate paying for services they will not use. This is the next generation business approach which is much different that incumbent CDNs. On top, we are proud of our pricing for add-ons and most of them are free based on CDN traffic.

With the target of being a strong player in the region, Medianova, will help Romanian businesses improve their budgets and maintain their cash flow, just like it does in many other countries.

Better Statistics and Reports
Real-time statistics are becoming much more in-demand, and New POP is going to bring those elements to Romania. It can help businesses to determine how exactly the users in the other countries react to the content delivered. Companies can make a more agile content marketing plan this way to give international customers exactly what they really want.

Seeing is believing. Please check Medianova references to see how we deliver the traffic of the Alexa top 50 sites in Turkey and in the region.

Contact us at Medianova to learn more about New POP in Romania and how you can use our CDN in other countries and places.

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