Enterprise Video Can Help Your Company’s Operations

No one can deny that the video world is on fire right now. It is definitely sizzling hot. When we talk about how hot video adoption is, we’re not just people searching for the latest viral videos on YouTube, Vine, and other video websites. It goes bigger than just finding videos that make you laugh or videos that make you shake your head in disgust or confusion. However, since videos are so popular, your employees are very familiar with finding the best videos. Your employees are likely also familiar with creating their videos that can be shared online.

Many companies are deciding to switch to video as a way to improve every method of their communication. Judging by the number of people who create videos and share them daily, we think it is safe to say that enterprise video will likely stick around for a long time. The popularity of videos is largely attributed to YouTube. Now, a company may not want their corporate videos placed on YouTube or other public sites for everyone to see, but the model that YouTube has created is not a bad model to follow.

Your company can take things from the popular video sites to create its own model that fits within the workplace. The ability to share videos, the ability to view videos when you want, and the simple, easy to use model are all great things to apply to your company’s video portal. You can create an enterprise video platform that will enable you to show sales videos, show videos that inform new employees on what to expect in the workplace, and a wide range of other videos that will improve the communication of your business.

At Medianova, we can help you in your efforts to improve your workplace in more ways than you probably expected. Contact us to discuss enterprise video and any other topics.

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