Cloud Solutions

Static Content Acceleration (MNCDN)

Fast and redundant delivery of your digital assets, such as image, video, music, CSS and JavaScript etc., to end users

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Enterprise Video

It is the full-package “Enterprise Tube” solution meeting any digital need for intranet and customer communication.

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Dynamic Content Acceleration (Aksela)

Improves loading speed of websites and web apps through browser- and device-specific optimization

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Encoding/Transcoding Platform (Encodio)

Provides optimum compression of your archived files, such as video, music, PDF, for any device and into any format and size.

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Internet Live Streaming Platform

Provides professional support and infrastructure in any of your organizations, offering end-to-end production service.

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Online Video Platform

The turn-key “Online Video Platform” solution enabling enterprises to have 360-degree control.

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Cloud Hosting

Provides redundancy, security and hardware flexibility without need for physical server investment, in line with your company needs

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Cloud Storage

Stores all of your files in secure virtual units in a fully redundant and scalable way without creating investment costs

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Infrastructure Solutions

Content Cloud is anyone’s need today, and we offer you the right solution
to catch up with this transformation without losing any time!

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