Does Your CDN Need To Improve Its Performance in These Changing Times?

Does your CDN need to bolster its performance to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s Internet environment? Upon closer examination, does it in some ways seem to lag behind other Content Delivery Networks?

MNCDN - CDN by Medianova
MNCDN – CDN by Medianova

Many businesses that have had a strong Internet presence for some length of time are finding that they need to add additional support to help balance traffic loads and for redundancy purposes.

More intense demand for site acceleration services has come about as a result of growing Flash technologies and innovative media products and platforms across the Web.

Adding a secondary Content Delivery Network, or CDN, has a number of advantages in today’s global environment:

  • A faster website with enhanced overall performance
  • A more cost-efficient site acceleration service
  • Less down time due to web host failure
  • Ability to cache content and make delivery according to the specific needs of the end users
  • Allow for greater scalability and swiftness of delivery, no matter the size of the data files or where the content is needed geographically
  • Improved mobile service for a variety of technological devices. This includes devices such as cell phones, tablets, smart phones, and other cutting-edge mobile devices.

It remains vital for businesses to stay on top of each new progression in the development of CDNs. Streaming and media technologies continue to require large amounts of bandwidth and other resources from their providers. Medianova is the CDN of choice in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. They understand how important a reliable content delivery network and acceleration service is to your business. To see how they can help your business with its primary or even secondary CDN services, contact us or visit our website.

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