Efficient Employee Training with Enterprise Video

Training employees plays an important role in a company’s alignment, and now many companies provide frequent training for both new and experienced employees. Training is necessary to keep employees up-to-date, especially in industries that are constantly changing the products and services offered.

But the problem with employee training lies in its cost; one of the reasons why it’s so expensive to hire new employees is because before they start the job, they require extensive training. Companies are then forced to make a choice: is it better frequently to train employees despite its cost, or is it better to save and occasionally change employees.

Thankfully, technology offers an alternate solution: employee training through enterprise video. Many companies are now providing frequent training for their employees without breaking the budget. A recent Forbes article titled “The Transformation of Employee Training” explains the role that video now plays in employee training:

“This is a timely topic and so easy to do now. We call it ‘extending the blend,’ meaning blending the initial online and classroom experience with the post-training, just-in-time capabilities of mobile and social learning to provide support to the employees at all times. The technology powering these resources has also become inexpensive and versatile enough to create tools and applications that can be used on smartphones and tablets.”

With enterprise video, companies can upload training videos that employees can access at any time. So instead of paying for expensive employee meetings, companies can instead pay for videos that can be used again and again. If your employees have questions about your customer service policy, they can watch an informative video rather than calling for a manager.

In addition, the uploaded training videos can be accessed from any device that has Internet capabilities, as long as the user has permission. Your company is essentially removing all the hurdles for employees to self-train themselves, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so.

If you’d like more information about how enterprise video can be used for employee training, contact us.

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