Choose a Content Delivery Network That’s Designed for Businesses

There are many content delivery networks out on the market today. Yet while some are designed for personal users, others are designed to deliver content to businesses and support their network services. Choosing the wrong content delivery network can turn out to be a bad investment for businesses.

A good example of a content delivery network designed for personal use is Netflix. Netflix has many deals and contracts with networks and production companies and has acquired a massive amount of content. They stream that content every day to users in North America and now in Europe.

Netflix works great and has a good reputation among personal users. But would Netflix benefit a business or improve its business operations? Probably not.

In most industries, having access to films and TV shows would merely be seen as a perk. While the service provides good content, it doesn’t really do anything to advance business growth.

A content delivery network designed for businesses, on the other hand, does all of that and more. A professional content delivery network streams content such as Internet TV and Music just like other networks in the industry.

The difference is that this content delivery network also comes with functions and features that directly improve business operations. Services such as cloud storage, enterprise video, and live event hosting are provided by professional content delivery networks.

At Medianova, we play both sides of the field and offer services that can be used for personal or business purposes. In addition, we offer support for all of our customers at any time. Whether you need help with installation, a transition, or troubleshooting, we’ll be there to assist you and restore your service.

If you would like more information about using a content delivery network for your business, contact us.

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