Supporting Small Businesses and Corporations with Our Content Delivery Network

Not every company is the same regarding its technology and support needs. While some companies’ websites generate just a little bit of traffic, others have websites that get hundreds of thousands of page clicks per day.

As you can well imagine, we don’t support all of our clients with a cookie-cutter method. We understand that every client is different and we have to adjust our level of support accordingly.

Fortunately, we have a good history of supporting companies both with a lot of web traffic and a little web traffic. In some cases, we had to innovate and come up with solutions specific for that individual company. In other cases, we can offer a more general level of support that is the perfect fit for small businesses.

While we’re proud of the level of support we offer for the average small business, we like to emphasize one particular story that shows how we can adjust to corporations with a lot of web traffic. Scaling down is easy, but scaling up requires the right equipment and strategy.

In 2011, Ebay acquired The site is the largest auction site in Turkey and needed assistance in speeding up its website thumbnails. We were offered the opportunity to figure this problem out and find a sustainable solution.

We knew we needed to innovate to be able to serve billions of thumbnails on a frequently-visited site. We came up with a solution to cache and store all of the requested images on our CDN solution. The images were much closer to the end user and therefore loaded much faster. In the end, the average thumbnail loading time was under 10 milliseconds.

At Medianova, we pride ourselves in being able to serve all types of different companies. We have the technology to support corporations and the level of support and dedication to support several small businesses.

If you would like more information about our content delivery network, contact us.

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