Caching Services: Protecting Valuables in a Historical Sense

The word “cache” has a rich and varied history. At one point in its etymological history, about 1650 or earlier, it referred to a “ketch,” or “”catch,” which was a small sailing ship. During the late 14th century, it may have come from the word “cache,” or “cacchen,” meaning “to capture, ensnare, or chase.”

Over the years, “cache” came to be associated with a “stash” for criminals, or a hiding place meaning “hoard, cache,” and even a slang term for a 1940s personal supply of narcotics.

In time, the word “cache” came to refer to a “hiding place” or to anything stored in a hiding place. It has even been associated with seals, letters and secret documents.

No matter the etymology of the word, a cache continues to be important today in ways its first users could never have envisioned.

Today, people engage in the hobby of Geocaching, where they use GPS coordinates to seek out geocaches that store something of value to be found by others within the hobby.

A common thread throughout history continues to be that caches are where things of value are kept.

Fast Forward to Today

In the Internet world, with its rapidly changing digital environment, there is more valuable content that requires not only a large enough “cache” to store an individual’s or a company’s digital treasure, but to keep it safe from damage or invading marauders of any type, including computer hackers.

The types of valuable content stored in a cache today have advanced at lightening speed, far past what might have been jewels, pirate’s treasure or secret documents. Today’s content includes musical files, streaming video, photographs, movies, spreadsheet data, mathematical and scientific symbols of enormous proportions, and digital data of an incomprehensible scope and variety.

Rare is the business that can keep up with all the technology needed to manage such digital content.

Business owners are quickly realizing the merits of turning to content delivery networks such as Medianova for their caching services.

Such caching needs might include:

  • Simple text storage
  • Digital image storage
  • Data storage
  • Video streaming for teaching and education
  • Back-up data for large corporations
  • Music files
  • and much more. . .

To learn more about Medianova and its caching services, contact us or visit our website.

Remember, nothing is more important than your valuable content, no matter what form it takes. Content IS king, and that content still requires safekeeping.

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