Caching Services for Online Media

In today’s digital landscape, even as more bandwidth becomes available, the ubiquity of video content and media sharing converged with higher demand for user quality experience makes caching services increasingly important. The need for optimized video traffic, reduced server and network costs, and customer quality of experience as key reasons for adopting such a service.

While mobile media seems to be taking off, it is not necessarily taking over the online media world. The desktop (and mobile) consumption of media is highest among the younger generation choosing not to buy cable TV. There is a growing pressure for old world media outlets to adopt better and more customized platforms to meet the heightened demand for high quality media through computers. This is a niche where caching services could keep online media especially relevant, keep the bandwidth demands on the providing companies manageable, while keeping the customers happy.

Implementing own caching services can cost huge amounts in terms of building the infrastructure and maintaining the operation. Especially in the face of increasing demand for larger sized files needing to be cached, boosted demand for more video streaming, it is an area where vendors can build a competitive edge over others, if approached with foresight. Efficient storage, distribution, delivery, and transparent caching is a way to stay relevant for years to come.

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