Top 6 Benefits of Using a Content Delivery Network

Delivering content reliably has always been important for businesses, but now it is even more so since Google released new updates that reward sites that load content quickly. Using a content delivery network is a good way for a company to differentiate itself, especially since its service will be more reliable with the support of a content delivery network.

If your company is interested in using a content delivery network, but are still researching them and their impact on businesses, consider these benefits of using a content delivery network, provided by a recent 100TB article:

Reduced server load

In order to free capacity of other users, content delivery networks use servers that are strategically placed. Users will be able to use your website without any glitches or delayed loading time, which can distort the message you’re trying to send to them

Fast content delivery

Content delivery networks place servers close to users, which ultimately results in fast content delivery. Your company will be able to stream high quality media and provide high quality content for your users.

Asset delivery control

Content delivery networks can provide statistics about regions that help optimize capacity for visitors of your website.

Reduced redundancy

The threat of sever failure or malfunction is decreased with content delivery networks because users will simply be directed to another server in the case of a malfunction instead. Even if a server goes out, the experience will be the same because a new server will be used in its place.

Data integrity

Content delivery networks help companies keep the information on their website updated and relevant. This is done by instantly mirroring new, updated information to different servers, which allow for a company to update their website quickly.


In a world of hackers and data thieves, cyber security is of the utmost importance. Content delivery networks detect and neutralize threats to company data by hiding customers’ origin servers. Companies can then market their security to customers, which will have a positive effect on their brand reputation.

If you’re interested in using a content delivery network, contact us.

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