This Is Why We Use Slack For Agile Customer Support

Agile Medianova Support on Slack

At Medianova, we deeply care about customer satisfaction. We believe that delivering fast and efficient support to our customers is an integral aspect of Medianova’s Quality of Service. As we deliver a wide range of solutions with our products; we are aware that each of our customers has different specifications when it comes to troubleshooting. Whilst providing our post-sales experience, we aim to solve problems as soon as they arise. That’s why we decided to reach out to our customers on Slack as it significantly reduces the time it takes to provide a solution.

Project & resource planning integration between Slack and TimewaxRather than using e-mail, we utilize Slack given that many of our customers -like us- use it in their companies. Slack enables an Agile environment for support. The traditional e-mail oftentimes reduces the reaction time from each side. On the contrary, instant messages significantly improve response times along with the quality of support. E-mail chains are intrinsically cumbersome, especially when it comes to relaying information. Slack solves these problems almost instantly: Responses from us and our customers become almost instantaneous.

Another major advantage of Slack is its higher integrability: Slack supports API integration from different sources. This feature becomes very useful especially for our customers when they push their critical KPIs and/or data to joint channels. Both our and our customer’s team get notified and a swift response to critical issues is then provided. No type of customer panel can enable both company’s teams to address an issue in this Agile manner. Even though how advanced any panel might be, KPIs and data need to be pushed to every single person of expertise; from this perspective, Slack presents a very convenient method of communication.

Creating channels on Slack also gives great flexibility when it comes to addressing the right expertise on a certain support need. We create channels with our customers and include people with different expertise to reach far Agile solutions. Feedbacks we get from our customers are almost always positive since most of the support tickets get solved hands-on with a collective effort from both companies. Using channels, we continue to provide top-notch support for our customers as if our friends in Medianove work for our customers.

Our Slack support also provides us and our customers a more proactive environment. As our customers operate in various industries with very different requirements, Slack channels make it very easy to cooperate with different fields of expertise. People with business, technical, and marketing expertise can dynamically contribute to an ongoing project on Slack channels. In case of an emergency, the channels lead us to find the optimal solution very fast. Common-wisdom solutions with an Agile environment is very hard to achieve using traditional methods of communication.

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