The Essential CDN Glossary

Why Have We Decided To Create a CDN Glossary?

Whether you are new to the world of CDN, or have been involved in it for years, there will always be a word or an abbreviation to which you don’t fully know the meaning.

The content delivery network technology is highly technical, and in order for you to grasp its functioning, you need to understand its components. To spare you the struggle of going back and forth to Google asking for the meaning of “GSLB”, “DASH” or other words, we have decided to gather for you, in one document, the frequently used terminology of the CDN industry with the respective explanations.

How Can You Benefit From “The Essential CDN Glossary“?

This CDN glossary can be used to:

-Help stakeholders (business and technical) understand the CDN terminology.

-Help the Marketing team understand the basics of CDNs for a better content strategy.

-Assist new employees and introduce them to the world of CDNs.

-Facilitate the reading of research papers and documents about CDNs.

-Help you assimilate the terminology of CDNs before a job interview.

Download The Essential CDN Glossary for free below, and don’t forget to opt in to receive more exciting tips and news from Medianova.

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