The Challenges and Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Strategy Against a Single-Cloud Approach

The delivery of services such as server access, data storage, analytics, and software by a hosting provider is Cloud Computing’s core principle. It allows businesses to keep their data and manage internal processes remotely, over the internet, without relying on their servers, and pay for only the services they need when they need them.

However migrating to the cloud can be tricky – organizations must choose between a single cloud or multi-cloud strategy. Below we discuss the challenges and benefits that a multi-cloud strategy has against a single-cloud approach.

Organizations may only need a single cloud if they are on a budget or do not require significant support for their applications.

One of the most significant risks of committing to a single cloud service provider is the fact that the organizations may face vendor lock-in. In this case, they need to be aware of any compatibility issues or how changes to a provider’s policies and products will affect their daily operations. Downtime with a cloud service provider can seriously hamper business. A multi-cloud strategy will allow the organization more operational independence as any issues that occur with one cloud service provider will not affect the organization’s data stored on another provider.

A multi-cloud strategy allows companies to choose specific services from specific providers, thus reducing their overall costs.

A multi-cloud strategy can, however, be complex to manage compared to the single-cloud approach. The entire process is highly dependent on planning and the ability to choose the right cloud providers. Organizational leaders should educate themselves about each hosting provider’s responsibilities, and this should be repeated for each cloud service provider that the organization is considering.

The benefits of multi-cloud strategy can significantly outweigh the challenges, and when everything is done correctly, a multi-cloud strategy can help organizations of all sizes scale their operations considerably.

Source- Dmitriy Akulov, Founder of PerfOps

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