The Benefits of Cloud Storage Provided by a CDN for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Although cloud storage provided by a content delivery network could benefit businesses of all sizes, it is particularly effective for startups and entrepreneurs. The reason for this is that for a low cost, cloud storage comes with many features that can improve business operations with minimal resources.

Using cloud storage reduces the need for an IT team as the service provider can assist you through your data backup and recovery. Businesses therefore don’t have to invest as much in IT and can save that money for other causes.

A recent article in The Guardian discusses the benefits and features cloud storage. The article asserts that cloud storage is particularly beneficial for startups and entrepreneurs:

“The cloud is certainly enabling a new wave of startups and entrepreneurs to compete in a competitive and often global market, but larger businesses are also getting a piece of the action. When you consider the cloud’s scalability, ubiquity and user centricity, it’s clear that cloud should be on the agenda in some way for businesses of any size.”

Scalability is the feature of cloud storage that makes the service such a good solution for startups. If startup businesses backup their data on hardware, they have to keep buying new hardware as they collect more data. This practice is expensive and not sustainable over a long period of time.

With cloud storage, however, startups can choose a plan that works for them without having to worry about the future. Then, when the business is big enough to have other data storage needs, they can simply change their plan with the content delivery network. There’s no need to invest in new hardware or a new system. It’s as simple as getting in touch and discussing a new plan that would fit.

If you would like more information about cloud storage with a content delivery network, contact us.

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