STOOK: Alternative Object Storage of Amazon S3

Do you know that you easily can store your data with Stook, Medianova’s new service?

Stook is a cloud-based Object Storage service.  At the beginning, we were using Stook as an in-house platform for our current CDN product. Then, we have developed it toward customer requests as an Object Storage Service. This tool gives you secure storage and fast access in a wide range of applications with Stook, which we offer as an alternative object storage product to AWS S3.

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is a cloud-based architecture that provides data storage, back-up, archiving and analysis. Therefore, it’s a safe and fast service that  stores images, videos, files, etc.

What is Stook? 

  • Any application that is compatible with AWS S3 will also work with Stook without any code changes.
  • Stook offers a low-cost, highly available and highly scalable solution, including storage for images, videos, and client-side scripting.
  • You can write, read, and delete objects containing data from 1 Byte to 5 TB. Which means that you have unlimited storage opportunity with Stook.

Who can use Stook?

  • Developers
  • IT Teams

What can you do with Stook?  

You can get backups of data and systems.  As a result, you are able to ensure that system backups are developed and implemented by developers. You can access the documents here.

  • Stook offers storage services independent from geographical location.
  • You can use it to store and retrieve data at any time from any location on the web that is compatible with Amazon S3.
  • It is a low cost product with high performance and safety designed for individuals and organizations.
  • It will work seamlessly with your AWS-S3 compliant applications.

Stook also provides a suitable infrastructure for CDN users!

Why should we use Stook?

  • Because it is designed to be compatible with AWS S3. This means that you can use Stook without any code changes on any storage platform that uses AWS S3.
  • it also allows 10,000 buckets per account while a standard AWS S3 only allows 100 buckets. You can increase this number in any desired range.


Stook’s read and write speeds are higher than AWS S3.

  • First of all, make sure that your account information is sent to you by Medianova
  • Your account information is private. Do not share them with anyone.

Developers who want to take advantage of Cloud based storage, Stook is perfect for you!

You can use highly scalable Stook, which is used without performance and reliability loose.

Click on the link to try 100 GB free Stook, our AWS S3 compliant object storage service.

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