Site Acceleration with Aksela at Medianova

There are many reasons as to why a company would want to use a site acceleration service. One of the main reasons is that local search engine optimization (SEO) improves with site acceleration, so a company has a better chance of being found on Google Search.

In addition, site acceleration provides a more pleasure experience for potential customers and clients visiting your website. Users aren’t going to wait around for links and media to load, so site acceleration is a must in terms of keeping the attention of your website’s visitors.

The site acceleration service powered by and provided by Medianova is called Aksela. Even compared with other content delivery networks (CDNs), Aksela has several benefits in terms of site acceleration.

Aksela uses code optimization and image compression to reduce your company’s website loading time up to 43%. This has a direct effect on your website’s performance as the load size is lessened.

The benefits of Aksela for users are then noticed on all platforms. It does not matter if your website visitors are viewing your site from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop; they will have the same favorable experience either way.

In addition, switching to Aksela is a simple and easy transition. The move to Aksela does not require a change in content delivery networks and the integration is quick and straightforward.

Companies that have been using Aksela have already realized its benefits. Compared to normal hosting, the combination of front end acceleration and CDN network acceleration (the total Aksela package) is 43% faster. This performance is even considerably better than websites powered by CDN network acceleration alone.

Aksela users also experience on average 37% more organic traffic after the transition. So in the end, more customers are visiting your site and when they visit, they’re having a better experience.

If you would like more information about Aksela at Medianova, contact us.

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