Medianova’s EdgeCache™ Technology: What Is It And How Does It Work?

As we constantly strive for more effective performance and use of our resources, we always keep digging for new technologies to benefit from.

This time we would like to shed the light on EdgeCache technology, which is registered as our trademark and used inside Medianova’s infrastructure and in whichever region we want. Which means all our customers by default would benefit from its advantages.

So what is this EdgeCache technology and how does it work?

EdgeCache is a novel caching technology which will benefit Medianova as well as its customers by effectively using caching space and reducing Time To First Byte (TTFP). It is a network distributed filesystem, which means, normally if you have a 10x 1TB capacity servers, they all cache the same content, while reducing infrastructure costs.

Or simply, we can say that when multiple disks on multiple servers work together, the obtained result is called EdgeCache.

EdgeCache allows multiple servers to stay in touch with each other and it ensures that content is cached within this structure. In this way, each server will prevent the cache to be different from other servers.

It uses Hash table to calculate the data and separate the contents all over the edges, and It works by creating a shared caching space among all edge servers, which causes all disks of different edge servers- in different locations- to act as one single disk.

What are the benefits of EdgeCache technology?

This new technology has multiple advantages:

  • More storage capacity than normal CDN structure.
  • Reduced TTFP and higher content transmission speed for customers.
  • Higher HIT Ratio for customers.
  • Lower costs to customers due to fewer infrastructure costs for Medianova.

By using this structure, our customers will receive the content from the closest point to them at a much faster pace.

Thus, if our customers want to offload their servers’ load and if they are looking for higher HIT ratio along with higher TTFP then, EdgeCachetechnology is definitely the way to go.

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