Medianova is Taking The Lead as The Fastest CDN in the Middle East

Medianova CDN in The Middle East

6 years ago, we have published a blog article that predicts the growth of internet use and the CDN market in the Middle East, in which we promised to make major strides towards the expansion of our CDN reach in this region.


As of today, we are thrilled to announce that we have 5 PoPs in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with STC JEDIX (Jeddah), STC (Riyadh), ITC / SAIX (Saudi Internet Exchange), and Zain (Jeddah & Riyadh). More to come, our Mobily POP is scheduled to be online within weeks.

Plus, we have 1 PoP in Qatar in collaboration with Ooredoo, 1 PoP in Kuwait in collaboration with Zain, 2 PoPs in UAE in collaboration with Etisalat / SmartHub, and UAE-IX. 

We will be the first CDN provider with 10 PoPs in the Gulf region. 

As Medianova, we keep expanding further by leaving our footprint in the region and being the fastest CDN in the Middle East (Based on Cedexis, now part of Citrix)

If you are not familiar with Cedexis, it is a platform that monitors the speed of content delivery using the Real User Monitoring (RUM) method. At the core of RUM statistics, there are real users. Some large websites install a small javascript code on their website and help the RUM company, i.e Cedexis, to monitor different CDNs. Everytime a visitor comes to this site, javascript code measures and sends real-time CDN performance data to a large database. Cedexis statistics are considered to be objective metrics in monitoring CDN or cloud-based applications as RUM only records interactions from the eyes of real users. Hence, the collected metrics are considered to be the most reliable in Information and Communication Technologies.

Let’s have a look at some Cedexis data now. The latency graph analized by Cedexis in the above mentioned countries for a week is as follows.


The analysis is based on 50th Percentile; showing the latency of the fastest 50% of the delivered content. 

Below you can also see the Latency values in the mentioned time period. In addition to 50th percentile showing the 50%, mean is the average latency value of all (100%) the delivered content. 

As seen, according to 50th Percentile, Medianova (21ms) is 61% faster than its closest competitor (34ms). Moreover, Medianova offers the most stable SSL with the least fluctuation. Furthermore, the graph is based on weekly results which are more credible than momentary results. 

With this being said, our mission is to offer reduced web and mobile latency, faster digital services across websites and mobile apps for OTT, e-commerce, gaming, education, and much more.

Through our investments in the Middle-East, our customers now enjoy security services such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), CDN services such as dynamic website acceleration, micro-caching services, API caching for much faster API calls, cloud object storage services using the same API set of AWS S3 and video streaming services.

Also, by investing in the Middle East, our goal is to help the regional content owners as well as global companies targeting these countries, given the fact that the region is now, more than ever, witnessing a rising demand for social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies, as well as connected devices adoption, and growing digitalization of services across different sectors.

In fact, according to MENAFN research report “Content Delivery Network (CDN) market stood is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 31% by 2023, owing to increasing penetration of video content and web-based applications in the Middle East”. Thus, by being one of the first CDNs to integrate this market, Medianova will clearly be one step ahead of the competition by understanding the needs and the challenges of companies investing in the area. 

As CDN adoption is increasing in the Middle East due to technological and infrastructural developments, Medianova is committed to investing in the latest CDN technologies and to implement a 24/7 support system that will allow the internet ecosystem in the region to reach new highs. 

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