Medianova: A Premiere Content Delivery Network

Before we get into why Medianova is the premiere content delivery network, let’s discuss what a content delivery network (CDN) is, in the first place.

At its core, a CDN is a system of servers (better known as a network) that delivers both websites and other web content (i.e., videos) to a user based on the user’s geographic location.

So, how is Medianova the premiere content delivery network for Turkey, Africa, and the Middle East?

  • We provide fast and efficient delivery of all of your digital assets. Photos, videos, music…no matter how big, or how small, we make sure they’re quickly delivered to all!
  • Thanks to our use of Aksela, we’re able to improve the load speed of all of our websites.
  • We have a premiere encoding & transcoding platform in Encodio, which provides optimum compression of your archived files, such as video, music, PDF, for any device and into any format and size.
  • Our unique video package called Enterprise Video provides a premiere video package for all our clients, especially those who need to communicate with their clients and employees using a video platform.
  • Best of all, we have a turnkey online video platform that enables our business partners to have complete control over their video message.

Medianova creates platforms which not only compete in the global marketplace, but emerge as leaders. If you’re ready to get started with our services, and would like to see what Medianova can do for you,contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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