Live Streaming Democratization: Tips For Your Business

When Social Media first introduced the Live Streaming video option, it was pretty much unclear how would this move affect Internet Users. But the ability to instantly start a video stream and broadcast to users seemed like a Great Democratizer in the world of media.

While it used to be a task only in the hands of professionals of live streaming, and while the material required before was out of reach for normal people, now it became possible for anyone to grab their phone and record their kid saying their first word, or share a concert with friend or just talk in front of an audience instantly while sitting on the couch. Just a few years ago, this was unimaginable.

A cellphone now can be the substitute for satellites, television studios and millions of dollars of equipment. Live streaming is fun and engaging but, for business to get the best out of it, the direction seems to be needed.

You may hastily want to sit in your office and press “record” without having a clear plan of what you want to talk about. Your audience will tune in once for 15 seconds and be very hard-pressed to come back if you start off without a plan and it turns out to be a flub.

So whether you’re a beginner or you have actually done hundreds of live streams before. Regardless, if you want to promote your business online through live streaming, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

-Going spontaneous doesn’t mean going unplanned. Test your WiFi beforehand and think about the location, lighting and so on.

– Make your message clear and right to the point. Make sure to keep your audience captivated. Walk them through the backstage of your business, live stream the launch of a new product or service, make some surprise announcement, etc. You got to be creative.

-Start with a Q&A session with your customers. You can ask your followers to throw out questions on the live stream and have some teammate keep track of questions because that is what the audience wants to know about your brand.

-keep in mind that the engagement may be low at the beginning and you may have little to zero questions asked, so have a few questions to roll beforehand in case that happens.

-You can invite a Tech support teammate to help you answer the questions. This can serve as a knowledgeable inquiry for your audience.

-Let Data guide you. Most streams provide analytics tools to measure the productivity and performance of videos format compared to other content formats. Metrics you can track include viewership, engagement, reactions, average length viewership, clicks, reaction to calls to action post-viewing, organic vs paid reach, etc.

Track, monitor and use data to enhance your live streams through the unbiased voice and guidance that numbers provide.

-Eventually, repackage your live stream for later use and publish it for viewers who couldn’t make it to show on time.

If reputable companies like Nissan, Buzzfeed, Taco Bell, and so many more are taking advantage of this platform, what’s stopping you from taking a stab at it? Follow the tips we mentioned above and implement a few more specific to your business and industry and watch your brand going Live!

Source: Tech News World

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