How Cloud Storage is Different With a Content Delivery Network

An important service offered by content delivery networks is cloud storage. There are certain benefits to using a cloud storage service with a content delivery network compared to a free service such as Amazon or Google.

A main talking point of cloud storage is scalability. Scalability allows businesses to grow and store data without having to worry about future investments. If a business needs to increase its data storage plan, it just needs to inform the cloud storage service provider.

Without cloud storage, however, businesses can only increase their data storage capacity by buying new hardware. This is expensive and the hardware gets hard to maintain and monitor over time. Ultimately, storing data on hardware is unsustainable because of its high costs.

With a content delivery network, businesses can simply use the infrastructure provided. They don’t need to worry about buying new hardware or a new system, as they’re provided, kept, and monitored off-site by the content delivery network.

Another benefit of using cloud storage with a content delivery network is the service and support. Business’ data is monitored closely and is ready to be restored in case of disaster recovery. But with free services, clients have no special attention and can only expect so much service in return.

In addition to the premium support, businesses can also enjoy the other services provided by the content delivery network. From site acceleration to enterprise video to content delivery, content delivery networks offer several services that can help businesses.

Cloud storage is just one of the many services offered. Businesses can take advantage of this by accessing many features and services from the same content delivery network. It’s a source of several solutions that can improve business operations while simultaneously cutting costs.

If you would like more information about cloud storage, contact us.

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