How Can a Site Acceleration Service Bring Peace of Mind to Your Customers?

Speedy internet is sometimes thought of as a luxury, something that bored students complain about when they can’t get to their favorite joke sites fast enough. However, anybody whose business relies on a web app or a mobile app knows that slow internet is no laughing matter. From healthcare to the oil and gas industry, users of your mobile apps have no time to lose to slow connections. Fortunately, you can improve their experience and help them do business better with a site acceleration service.

Site Acceleration by Medianova
Aksela – Site Acceleration Platform

Site acceleration has many advantages, and the most important one is right there in the name. This service works by optimizing your web and mobile apps for a number of services or devices. Many of us have been frustrated by an app that worked perfectly on the computers at the main office, but slowed to a barely-usable speed when used on mobile devices at a remote location. By using a site acceleration service, you can eliminate this problem, thereby improving your customer service and making your clients happier with your product.

When your products make your customers happier, your customers respond by boosting your business! Site acceleration services not only improve your users’ experience with your product, but also improve their reaction to your product online. Aksela, the site acceleration service available from Medianova, does more than make sites load faster by 43%. It also boosts your rankings on various search engines and improves your company’s SEO.

In addition to advantages in product speed and marketing, site acceleration improves the security of your mobile apps. DDOS attacks can cause a lot of delay and inconvenience when they affect your mobile apps, and they can be carried out from anybody from a corporate rival to an online prankster with too much time on his hands. Fortunately, your app’s protection against DDOS attacks is improved by the load mitigation achieved as part of site acceleration. This extra security gives your customers peace of mind by ensuring that their use of your app will be uninterrupted by these annoying attacks.

Aksela from Medianova is one of the leading site acceleration services in the regions of Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. This service will make your app run faster on all devices, improve your marketing by improving your customer experience, and make your apps more secure. Contact us today about trying Aksela and seeing its benefits for yourself.

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