Hello Poland. Fastest CDN Medianova is Here!

Yes, The Fastest CDN based on Cedexis real user data is now active in Poland, ready to accept Free Trial requests.

The Eastern European online market has grown substantially in the last decade. 30% of Poles shop online, a number that can only grow, and which already represents nearly ten million potential customers. In addition, overall media consumption as a share of the population nearly doubled over ten years. Now is the time to step into this market and that’s why you should know that Medianova launched its first PoP in Poland.

Medianova is already the most reliable content delivery network in Europe and Middle East, but they also see investment potential in the Polish market.

Medianova’s current customers benefits from http/2, brotli compression, image resize and optimization, free custom SSL, self service panel and great pricing much better than global CDNs.

Yes, it is the Fastest and it is Proven:
While you decide how best to market your goods and services, Medianova is setting up what can be the backbone of your operation: high-end page speed also the fastest performance on Poland Operators among CDN providers thanks to local servers, high redundancy to promise 100% Uptime on your website, and top quality performance both in overall speed and targeting the market correctly with their well-honed content delivery systems.polonya-tablo

Medianova is relied on by major online businesses such as Riot Games, Coca Cola, Ebay, Netmarble, Turkcell, Trendyol and Fox.

Please do not hesitate to chat and see how Medianova can help. You can contact us for details or start your Free Trial to see for yourself.

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