Gain an Edge on the Competition with a Site Acceleration Service

It can be pretty much accepted that the internet is the new frontier of commerce. It could be likened to a vast, crowded virtual marketplace with an unimaginable number of vendors offering goods, services, and content. With this level of competition, a fraction of a second of loading or waiting time can ruin the user experience, which means a lost customer and lost revenue. In fact, even if users in general can tolerate the lag of a website, the time lost to loading is time that the user can spend completing purchases. A faster website means higher conversions no matter how we look at it.

A lot of website acceleration has traditionally been performed in the browser, with techniques such as caching, compression, prefetching, and many others. However, with the heavy amount of dynamic and media rich content on which modern websites rely, and that customers expect, site acceleration services based on a content delivery network are becoming increasingly valuable.

It should be noted that when it comes to software acceleration services every millisecond counts. The following chart shows that revenue per user and user satisfaction decrease noticeably with just delays ranging from 200 milliseconds to 2 seconds. Furthermore, this report shows that application performance issues could cost web businesses an average of 117 million US dollars annually. As website media-richness grows these delays stand to grow more significant.

How is site acceleration achieved with the modern internet? Our platform takes advantage of our distributed storage system, I/O acceleration cards, 10Gbps fiber network, dynamic traffic routing, and light weight delivery platform. This ensures that any form of media that may be part of a web page, be it Flash, JPEG, CSS, or any other, will come through with the fastest and most reliable delivery possible. Contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your online enterprise.

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