Faster Gaming with Medianova CDN Services

Providing the most realistic gaming experience possible is one of the fundamental purposes of the whole gaming industry. This brings many challenges for other sectors that are providing services, hardware or any other kind of technology for the gaming industry. Faster, stronger and more powerful processors, video cards, mainboards, laptops, and RAMs are designed and manufactured with a single purpose in brilliant minds: Providing the gaming industry with the tools to enable it to offer a more realistic gaming experience. CDN providers have their share of the challenge too.

If your game freezes or flickers during a game, you cannot have a realistic user experience, no matter how fast or strong your gaming device. Even in the simplest games, the software sends and receives a vast variety of data in significant amounts in the glimpse of an eye. And if frame rates go below 30 fps in online games, gamers will notice and will view this gaming platform as a failure. However, CDN providers have the best available tools to prevent this outcome.



How Do CDNs Benefit Gaming Platforms?

CDNs are very effective at increasing the speed of delivering content. However, there are many types of content that need to be delivered in different ways. Stagnant content like a website or blog is relatively easy to deliver. It can be managed very efficiently with caching servers, which distributes the network of servers geographically and moves the content closer to the user. Backed up with a distributed network of data servers, CDNs are a very useful tool for load balancing and reducing bandwidth consumption.

However, during a game, there are vast amounts and types of data being sent back and forth. Simply caching the data in servers located in various geographic locations alone will not be enough. Although it will reduce load times and download times, providing the best online gaming experience requires a bit more than that.

CDN providers have networks dedicated to specific services and online gaming is a very specific area. Gaming-specific CDNs must have very powerful machines backed up with specific data delivery and security methods, and the software and data centers must be permanently online to ensure the highest amount of data delivery possible.

Medianova CDN has these types of servers. In fact, it has a whole network of data centers focusing on gaming that can keep up with millions of continuous connections. This way, Medianova makes sure that the gaming platforms it serves can provide the best possible online experience for gamers.


Advantages of Medianova Gaming CDN Services

Decreased Server Load

With a network of geographically distributed servers, Medianova makes sure the servers are not overwhelmed or overloaded. Distributing the workload between servers has other advantages like reduced data out costs.

24/7 Customer Support and Stability

All inquiries are responded to within a 3-minute first response time, which is faster and more reliable than the industry average.

Security and Stability

The gaming industry and gaming servers are the greatest targets of cyber attacks. In 2015, 35% of DDoS attacks alone targeted the gaming industry. Medianova’s CDN for gaming uses the latest technology, safety and security measures against cyber attacks. Since there are personal and payment information involved in the gaming industry, security is a major concern.

Thanks to Medianova’s distribution network and data centers, even if any of those attacks are briefly successful, the end users are not affected. The network goes on to provide the service for end users.

Large Traffic Capacity

Having multiple geographically distributed data centers and POPs is far more efficient than having a single huge data center. Medianova’s network infrastructure is capable of delivering up to 5.3% of Turkey’s whole bandwidth.

Scalability and Analytics

With the analytics services provided by Medianova, gaming platforms can collect huge amounts of anonymous but actionable user data. With such data, gaming platforms can either tweak their performance or use the data in various marketing efforts.

Fast System Integration

Medianova ensures that their gaming products are completely compatible with their clients’ IT and security standards. This enhances the service delivery process on both sides.

In conclusion, Medianova’s gaming CDN services are not only beneficial in terms of performance and security but also enables gaming platforms to offer an improved gaming experience to their users.

Please contact us to have more information.

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