Does Your Website Need A Content Delivery Network?

A content delivery network puts files in various locations so the web users can view webpages that has the files near the location they are accessing the webpage from. A content delivery network is a system of servers that are hosted in different areas across the globe.

The reason why we have so many content delivery networks is because there can be a significant amount of waiting time when a website visitor wants to view your page, especially when the website is hosted in a location across the globe.

If someone is living in Illinois and is trying to access a webpage that is hosted in California, that person will experience a sluggish version of the website because of the hosting and routing issues. The files will also have to travel a greater distance, which causes the webpage to become slower. When the files your webpage needs are located on different servers across the globe, you will ensure that your website users will get the files that are located the closest to them.

How Do You Know If Your Website Needs A CDN?

A website CDN is not the first step you should take when you are working   on your website strategy. It is essential that you are doing everything else   possible to improve your website before you implement the CDN into  your website. Before you add a content delivery network, you should do    the following:

  • Make sure your website is up to par for your website users
  • Make sure web users can view your website on their mobile devices
  • Make sure your website’s page speed is at its best
  • Do your research to ensure yourself and your business that a CDN can help your website and not harm it

What Kind Of Website Can A CDN Help?

  • Any website that has to stream video vies
  • Websites that usually have a significant amount of visitors
  • Websites that are known to have media files

Content delivery networks are becoming a must have for many websites; if you do not have one now, you will likely need to get one later. If you would like information on content delivery networks, contact us today.

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