Cloud SaaS Encoding Platform

To spread their brand and message, more and more content producers are turning their mobile videos, images and audio into mobile content. Consumers in Turkey and the rest of the Middle East are especially hungry for this rich media content and are eager to consume it on the web and through mobile devices. For that reason, producers are using sophisticated cloud SaaS encoding platforms to achieve their goals.

Whether the content producer is a professional media firm, an individual blogger or a marketing agent, encoding the media is important to getting it out as quickly as possible. However, content producers are moving throughout the region and world to do their production. They need a cloud solution to truly enable their encoding needs. Cloud solutions allow access from anywhere yet have industrial security and the ability to scale. Cloud based software systems can hold a massive amount of data depending on the need.

SaaS is also the preferred delivery method because it is constantly improved and easy to modify. If the content producer needs to scale up or down, they can easily choose a different SaaS plan.  If they want to add new features, that is easy as well.

For example, imagine an independent new organization reporting on migrants from Yemen, Syria and Iraq crossing through Turkey on their way to Europe. The reporter would want access to a cloud encoding device as they do work on the Southern border. They take the video, record the audio and encode it through their cloud SaaS platform. If they record many hours of video, they can increase the storage capacity. Lastly, when they return to Istanbul they can easily access and download the content again.

Medianova is the largest and fastest content delivery network in Turkey and the Middle East. We provide world-class service for large and small content producers alike. For more information, please contact us.

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