AVIF: All You Need To Know About This New Image File Format

AVIF to JPEG: The Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Image Compression

Today, everyone has thousands of pictures on their phones and computers. In e-commerce or fashion sites, this number reaches up to millions. Compressing images is a very convenient way to reduce storage space. AVIF, which is a new image compression codec that can be done without losing image quality and details in the image while performing this compression process, provides storage at a much smaller size than JPEG that has been used for more than 20 years. It also provides a reduction of approximately half the weight of a WebP.

What Is AVIF ?

AV1 Codec is a popular video format with royalty-free and open source software. AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) aims to be a video format for the web. AV1 Image File Format (AVIF), developed by Alliance for Open Media (AOM), designed for image files. AVIF is an image file format specification for storing images or image sequences compressed with AV1 in the HEIF file format. AVIF, is the latest image format that make smaller while preserves quality without loss. Furthermore, this file format can be used royalty-free, with better compression and support for more features than existing image formats. Another important advantage over other formats is HDR support. In addition, many well-known companies such as Apple and Google, VideoLAN, Facebook or Netflix support this new file format. It took almost a decade for Apple to include WebP support in its web browser, Safari. It looks like it will be accepted much faster compared to the WebP’s acceptance time.

What Are The Advantages Of AVIF ?

Compared to image formats such as WebP, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG and GIF; AVIF is compatible with high dynamic range imaging. It supports up to 12 bits of color at full resolution and delivers images up to 10 times smaller than other known formats. AVIF offers animated, transparent and lossless images. It also has HDR support. It has the most optimal compression and also royalty-free. This new file format is currently supported by many big company in technology like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and more.

AVIF image file format medianova

Comparison Between API And Other Image Format

JPEG causes a wide range of visual disturbances at high contrast. PNG can compress images losslessly and compress more than JPEG. AVIF enables compressed images with high quality and the minimum possible content loss. AVIF images are around 50% smaller than the mostly equivalent quality JPEG image file. So this new file format can save much more with a nearly imperceptible loss of detail.Embark on a transformative journey from AVIF to JPEG, transcending the conventional limits of image compression.

JPEG is an open source image format written in the C language. PNG is a standard format that does not require a license. AVIF, on the other hand, is a completely open source, open license and royalty-free image format.

JPEG and PNG are universally supported. PNG is the default format for images. AVIF, on the other hand, has already been accepted by many digital technology giants such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube. In summary, AVIF seems to make a difference in a short time with all these features.

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