Mobile Streaming with a Content Delivery Network

Suppose you have a large storage of content on your desktop computer, and for years that content has sufficed and the storage has grown as you’ve added more and more content. Not too long ago, this was an ideal situation for storing and accessing content; you had tons of storage that you could access, and if necessary, you could even copy data and move it to another computer.

But then you bought a smartphone, and a lot of the time you spent on your desktop was now alloted smartphone time. That was fine because you never thought you could access your desktop storage of data on your smartphone. But then you bought a tablet, and began spending even less time on your desktop. Not before long you begin to question how useful a large storage of content is if you can’t access it.

Many smartphone and tablet users still find themselves in this situation. The solution is mobile streaming, provided by a content delivery network. Mobile streaming allows you to access your content on mobile devices, as long as they have permission and Internet capabilities. And with specialized mobile encoding, there is no need to worry if your content if your content will look the same on your mobile device.

Flexibility comes with mobile streaming, as users will no longer be tied down to one single computer to access their content. Instead, they can stream the content to their mobile devices while on-the-go. Additional benefits of using mobile streaming are:

  • Reliable free streaming to all mobile clients
  • Support for integration with mobile application providers
  • Fast mobile encoding for your content
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and other popular formats

Though the idea of mobile streaming sounds simple, merely accessing your content on your mobile devices, the technology behind it is not, and therefore it’s only offered by a few services. Medianova uses redundant load balancers, and caching and streaming servers with distributed storage for fast, reliable mobile streaming.

If you’re interested in using a content delivery network for mobile streaming, contact us.

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