Introducing Medianova Meet: Our Free Video Conferencing Tool

Meet Is A New Free Video Conferencing Tool Launched By Medianova

Due to the current pandemic, video conferencing tools are on high-demand. Even though working remotely decimated our social lives, we try to keep things going using video conferencing tools much more heavily than ever before. We wanted to present a conferencing tool for the public and for our customers. We especially wanted to prepare a public tool as social interactions become more important by the day. You can just visit to enjoy  Medianova‘s free video-conferencing with your friends and colleagues; no fees, no registration: Just enter the name of your conference and start. It is this easy.

We also present enterprise solutions on Meet. If your business needs specific configurations we are here to help. For example, one of our customers asked us to create virtual classrooms of 36 students for thousands of students. This comes as a challenge as to keep the Quality of Service of an online conferencing tool: We maintain a no-lag, jitter-free conferences by dividing conferences into different servers. If the server load is increased in one of our servers and our software detects a decline in call quality, already conferencing users are redirected to other, more available servers. This redirection happens seamlessly, the participants mostly do not know that they are on a different server. Meet is built in such a way that it ensures uninterrupted conferences with quality sound and video.

Another customer asked us to finesse Meet to live-stream concerts and wanted to create 5-6 persons of private digital lodges. This task required utmost video and sound quality so we created systems to stably uphold service of hundreds of conference rooms with no interruptions. Apart from streaming quality, our customer came to use Meet Enterprise for its live-streaming capabilities: You can stream conferences to YouTube or your company’s website so a wider audience can enjoy your content. On enterprise support, Meet also enables you to record conferences so you can share/archive them. Recording video conferences give robust flexibility to our customers, whether it’s a series of thematic concerts or online-lectures you can create a video roster of previous engagements and serve them whenever you like on whatever platform you desire.

Another major issue we care deeply about is our client’s security. In Medianova, we believe that  secure video conferencing is as important as its quality. To that end, Meet gives almost literally the keys to its conference rooms: As security is maintained via encryption, you can change your encryption key while at the conference. If changed and shared with some participants, the video conference continues seamlessly. Other participants that do not know the encryption key receives video and audio streams encrypted, so streams become unintelligible. This strong feature also shows one thing: your conferences are safe as they are unencrypted on your computer, not on our servers so you have a completely secure conference.

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