Growth of Content Delivery Networks Through the Decade as a Billion-Dollar Industry

The use of a content delivery network for online media content is a major (yet still growing) technology that some companies have yet to realize in the potential of reaching more people. For those not paying attention, they’re also missing out on new statistics that show just how much in demand CDN’s are going to be through the end of this decade and beyond. Will you step up and use a CDN to help bring more powerful content to people when the demand for quality videos is growing every day?

What the Future Shows Us

A recent report shows that CDN technology is now a 3.71 billion dollar industry this year. However, it’s going to quadruple to a 12 billion industry by the year 2019. That’s a sure sign companies will realize the full potential of content delivery networks, especially when certain types of videos are going to be expected on every site. Those expectations are already happening now as the world population watches videos regularly to gain information or to be entertained.

What kind of videos will the public expect in the future that CDN’s will be able to help accommodate? Today, far too many companies are using more simple content delivery networks for multimedia events and even live online content. We’re already starting to see the use of live video for certain sporting events, like the Olympics.

At the same time, some content is having trouble, particularly Verizon blaming Netflix for slowing down connection speeds on customers watching streaming content. With Netflix countering it’s Verizon’s fault, you can see that both ends have limitations on their networks with frequent congestion issues.

Eventually, you can see Netflix using a CDN to help bring the growing demand for their streaming services so the sight of a video freeze won’t be a long-running joke. But what about even more demanding video content in the future, as in everything streaming live rather than just occasionally for special events?

Using a CDN to Help Bring Live Streaming Video

With content delivery networks positioned around the world, they’re already helping bring more sophisticated video content to locations that otherwise might not have quality video. As more live events start being streamed online, CDN’s are going to become a necessity to companies who want to profit off those events. Eventually, we may see major sports and entertainment events stream entirely live online. Some are already doing this, though it’s not yet a daily practice.

Here at Medianova, we’re the provider of the largest content delivery network in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa where we’re already providing major opportunities for media companies.

Contact us to find out how you can use our CDN to help bring reliable online video content to a vital part of the world. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, because content delivery networks now help bring the world together through the interconnectedness of online media.

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